by Robert Paulson

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recorded at hidden planet studio 2012


released February 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Robert Paulson Sachsen, Germany

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Track Name: Myopia
It aches to gaze
into the sun with
opened eyes
this fear of my
self-created lies
Repressed old memories arise...

Your jaded glances write
a thousand words you can’t express
reality is haunting me
being blue-eyed is the shortest trail
to blindness

„although I’m never sure
or maybe I should want to be ...“
absent-minded, sun-blinded.

(citation respectfully borrowed from The Streets)
Track Name: Lichtverschmutzung
when moments seem endless
reflections cross
these white nights
break the silence
leave me
buried in thoughts...

spreading impressions of a joyous soul
But what stays concealed within
is that I’m wasting mirth to others
constrain my face to a convulsive grin

finding myself again
wide awake at night
restless searching for answers
thoughts cloud my mind
where are the wonder years they promised me in may?
this is just poor copy of a feel
I’d wish to stay

Like smoking for the cancer
my patience is running thin
on blocking out
my own way
a tempest raging
from within
I share a body with my deadly foe
The discord started 20 years ago

A storm inside my head,
a thunder in my chest
I can’t escape this cycle
Finding no fucking rest
only in dreams
I really feel alive
there’s only one chance
for me
to survive
help me out
of constant decay
guide me the way
Track Name: Vestige
Track Name: Vagrant
And once I’ve found a way home
I promise you to call
this isn’t what I wanted
In fact it’s not at all
but we’re not the ones to decide
(we’re) only floating leaves
our ways diverged unnoticed
clock hands are thieves

every step
I take out of here
I feel the pain increase
I locked up this old life
and swallowed
the keys

incinerating photographs
blackened letters of a self that’s passed
and the fume it bites my throat
perceptions worthwhile to devote (to)

all that’s left of me these days
mere fragments
of a person bearing my name
I’m roaming through the haze
with a vacant expression
still not clear what I’m searching for
only one is for certain
I wont find it here anymore

every step
I take out of here
I feel a pain to ease
I locked up this old life
and swallowed
the keys
Track Name: Flycatcher
I never took a chance to say
that the days in solitude were dark and drenched in grey
you were my torchlight through
a dreary forest
with a map a blindman drew

this times with you will never end
at least that is what I pretend
to keep myself from falling into self-detest
but it’s getting harder to keep up with it
with every second passed
and now it feels like autumn takes
back the joy that summer gave
and as I sit on the deathbed of this day
I remember the times in may
when every second made the promise
of a morrow without doubt
and now I’m thrown back to where I started
a restless flycatcher, numbed out.